Wipers from Bosch – For Optimum Visibility

Bosch Car Service workshops only supply products of the very best quality. When all said and done, wipers have to clean your windshield more than 750,000 times, adding up to an area equivalent to that of around 80 football pitches. Whichever Bosch model you choose, you can always be assured of perfect wiping performance, optimum visibility and safer driving – even in the worst weather conditions.


Aerotwin flat wiper blades – for maximum performance

Aerotwin flat wiper blades from Bosch have none of the usual joints and brackets. Instead, they feature a tailor-made high-tech spring strip which adapts perfectly to the curvature of the windshield and distributes the contact pressure evenly over the entire length of the wiper. And thanks to the innovative universal adapter, Bosch Aerotwin wiper blades fit virtually every vehicle model.


Twin Maximum Performance Standard wiper blades – for a long service life

Twin wiper blades from Bosch are used for all applications involving particularly tough conditions. Their robust metal bracket system is extremely resilient and outstandingly durable thanks to double corrosion protection. With the aid of the Quick-Clip universal adapter they are easy to fit on any vehicle and their advanced technology guarantees both optimum cleaning action and maximum safety. The super-soft wiper blade element back and the extra-hard wiper element lip ensure quieter operation and optimum visibility – whatever the weather.


Eco Improved Performance Standard wiper blades – for an unbeatable price/performance ratio

Eco wiper blades from Bosch have a particularly good price/performance ratio. Their sturdy metal bracket system is extremely durable and robust, while the graphite-coated natural rubber wiper blade element ensures thorough wiping. Thanks to the pre-assembled universal adapter they can be quickly and easily replaced by our workshop experts – at an equally attractive price.


Rear wiper blades – for an excellent rear view

All the various types of Bosch Rear wiper ensure optimum visibility and more safety when reversing. The flexible back of the blade element and the wear-resistant wiper blade edge guarantee outstanding, quiet operation and a long service life. The Bosch Rear wiper range is available for almost all vehicle models and includes the following products: Aerotwin flat wiper blades, wipers with a conventional metal bracket system, designer plastic wipers and replacement wiper blade elements.