Brake Servicing and Repair


Professional maintenance and repair of mechanical braking systems

A braking system that works correctly is vital not just for you, but for all other road users too. So be on the safe side and have the condition of all braking system components checked at regular intervals. Every car contains parts that are subject to natural wear in the course of everyday use. Routine maintenance at a Bosch Car Service centre guarantees safe driving.

We check the condition of all the wearing parts such as brake pads, brake disks, and brake fluid, and perform professional replacement whenever necessary. Our specialist diagnostic equipment will ensure that your brakes are calibrated precisely to the specific settings of your car, even those with advanced electronic braking systems.


Professional diagnosis and repair for driving safety systems (ABS/ASR, ESP®)

The professionals at Bosch Car Service Centres know all there is to know about driving safety systems. They have the necessary specialist knowledge and also the essential test equipment. So, they are fully equipped to give all the driving safety systems in your car a thorough service and perform any necessary repairs or replacement– for ABS, ASR or ESP®.

Are your brakes due for a change?