Auto Electrical

If you have a problem with the electronics in your vehicle, you can count on our experts, who acquire their knowledge directly from Bosch, the world’s leading original equipment suppliers. Our technicians are thoroughly acquainted with diagnosis and troubleshooting, from battery management and vehicle electronics to electronically controlled injection systems and electronically supported driver assistance systems.

Although the start/stop system in your car operates on a simple and efficient principle, it can bring everything to a standstill if it is faulty. To ensure reliable operation, our workshop technicians have a wide range of unique start/stop system components and diagnostic equipment from Bosch – from the starter to alternators and sensors.

Should there be any issues, bring the vehicle to any of our numerous Bosch Car Service Centres, where our specialists are equipped with all the latest diagnostic equipment to perform troubleshooting and any necessary repairs, professionally and as quickly as possible.

Experiencing Electrical Faults?