See and be seen even better.

The results of the American ADAC light test in 2012 made for sobering reading: More than half the vehicles on the road have severe lighting system faults. In South Africa, it is also a huge problem, the incorrect adjustment of headlamps and fog lamps lead to many deaths on our roads every year. In addition to difficulties with height adjustment, “no-name bulbs” are often at the root of the problem., if such products are used for replacement. Manufacturing inaccuracies alone lead to headlamp misalignment. An incalculable risk, as defective or incorrectly adjusted headlamps represent a danger to all road users.

Excellent visibility is the most important factor when driving. It is equally important to be seen by others. If a brake light is not functioning correctly, for example, rear-end collisions become almost inevitable. The same is true for a defective indicator.


Automotive bulbs from Bosch – for more safety on the road

What good is the best car lighting system if you fit it with inferior quality replacement bulbs? For your safety, we recommend using Bosch quality products – both for replacing a defective bulb or if you want to change the whole set. Bosch has a comprehensive range of top quality lighting products for your car, from headlamps to interior lights. Bosch Car Service workshops can provide you with the ideal solution for every type of vehicle and to suit every application.

Headlamps: Optimum illumination of the road surface is crucial to be able to react as quickly as possible to all eventualities. It is reassuring to be able to rely 100% on your car’s headlamps. Whether your vehicle is fitted with LED, halogen or xenon technology, we at Bosch Car Service will be pleased to advise you and keep you driving safely – whatever the time of day and in all weathers.

Rear lights: Rear lights can be made up of as many as 20 different components – regardless of whether it is a conventional brake light or one with LED technology. They need to be working correctly, so you’re always seen by the traffic behind you. Bosch Car Service prefers to use rear lights from Bosch, as they guarantee the best possible reliability and functionality as well as a good deal more safety.

Auxiliary lamps: If you want to be safer on the roads it’s a good idea to add extra lights to your car. These are particularly useful at night in remote areas, as they help you to spot potential hazards sooner. Bosch offers an extensive range guaranteed to provide far better illumination of the road surface. Bosch auxiliary lamps use the latest xenon gas discharge technology that produces up to three times more light than with halogen technology.